Beech Lumber

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European Beech Wood Characteristics

A moderately hard, straight-grained, even-textured wood with great strength properties. Works well with hand and machine tools.

Color Range

Even pale yellow to light tan with distinctive and characteristic dark specks.

Other Names

Beechwood, European Beech, English Beech, Carpathian Beech, Spanish Beech, French Beech, Romanian Beech, Japanese Beech

Some Typical Uses

Furniture, chairs, workbenches, carvings, toys, plywood, veneer, flooring.

What’s the Tree Like?

Called Queen of the Woods because of their large size and stately appearance. Beech trees are reported to commonly reach 100 feet. Trunk diameters are often 4 feet. The European Beech tree grows in Eastern Europe, Oceania and S.E. Asia, Western Europe; Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Romania, United Kingdom, Yugo

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