About us

Pacific Materials Co.Ltd. is furniture materials reseller located in Vietnam. We import raw wood & other materials from Europe & America directly and distribute in Vietnam market with competitive price and best quality.

Lumber that offers to customers is dried sawn timber directly on modern lines in Europe and America. Dried lumber products imported directly so no drying lumber after warping, no cracking start, reaching 12% average moisture.

Pacific Materials Co. Ltd. supplies lumber to customers according to customer’s requirements. We are always available inventory to deliver to customers in large quantity. 

We are drying sawn timber according to the following criteria:
Thickness: 3/4 = 19mm; 4/4 = 26mm; 5/4 = 32mm; 6/4 = 38mm; 8/4 = 51mm

Length: from 1.8m & up

Pacific Materials Co. Ltd. team